Peace Corps Mapdown

Our Goal: 250,000 edits | Current Total: 139,093

Congratulations to team Jamaica for winning the third and final round.

We are still working towards 250,000 edits and looking for more people to join this collaborative effort.

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The Problem

The Problem

Poor quality community maps in Peace Corps serving countries.

The Complication

The Complication

For-profit entities have little incentive to build digital maps of communities in the developing world. Most people in these communities lack the internet access to build the map themselves.

The Solution

The Solution

Mobilize RPCV/PCV Teams to help map Peace Corps communities using the latest easy to use digital mapping tools.

Round 3 results

Round 1 Champion: Cameroon

Round 2 Champion: Philippines

Round 3 Champion: Jamaica

Participating is easy and anyone can do it.

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